Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lucky Day by Lolly Pope


Lolly's Synopsis:
Gabe Hunter’s day begins a little grumpy. He goes down to the kitchen to make some coffee, but instead assists at a very wet morning ‘action’ which includes the new maid.

After that, the day just gets better and better. At school he meets a new gay friend, he takes a very steamy drink to a nice girl that he only knows as Jenny and spends some quality time with two beautiful ladies at his part time job, with his favorite flavors.

Just when he thinks the day couldn’t get any better, when he finally gets back home and wants to get some sleep, he finds his bed already filled with the maid’s butt. And Gabe Hunter never refused a lady before, so why would he start now?

Michael's Synopsis:
College sophomore Gabe wakes up one morning to find his father banging the new maid Sara in the kitchen. Gabe and his father have a not-quite-defined voyeuristic relationship, and his father is happy to put on a show, which includes the exchange of more than one kind of bodily fluid between him and Sara. Once at school, he encounters a hot new student named Alex, and the two of them jerk each other off in the middle of class. Gabe’s after-school job leads him into another encounter with two girls who work in the same building. One last surprise awaits when he returns home that night.

Michael's Review:
If it’s not clear from the synopsis, this is not for everyone. Back when I was writing erotica on the Usenet in the late 1990s, stories like this wouldn’t have raised any eyebrows. Now, with erotica having gone mainstream and having to hew to Amazon et al’s sensibilities, authors of this sort of stuff have to find ways to follow the letter of the law while staying true to the spirit of what they want to write. I could sense some of the different ways the author might have taken this story back in the old days. That being said, this is still a hot, intense piece that rips from one encounter to the next. It’s well written enough that I was able to focus on the sex without being distracted by the writing, and I mean that as a compliment. If the synopsis sounds like your kind of thing, you should enjoy this one.

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