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The Visitor Arrives by K.D. West


It's the the world's oldest story: A girl, her fireman, and her other fireman.

When Lea heads off to Atlanta for a job interview, all she's thinking about is the work. Well, and Sean, her best friend's brother. Sean, the tall, muscular firefighter. With the gentle Southern drawl and the wicked smile. Whose couch she's going to be sleeping on.

Well, actually, whose couch she hopes very much she won't be sleeping on. But it turns out that Andy, Sean's roommate, is another, equally hot Southern firefighter, and so when a visitor — or perhaps two — joins Lea on that couch, it sparks a series of events that none of them could possibly have foreseen.

But that none of them regrets. Not even a little bit.

This collection contains the first four installments in The Visitor Saga:
1. The Visitor
2. The Visitor Comes Home
3. The Visitor Comes Again
4. The Visitor Goes to Work

(MF, MMF ménage à trois. Bisexuality. Explicit language and scenes of sexuality between consenting adults. Adult readers only.)

The plane finally landed and Lea picked up the beat-up old Civic she'd rented. Sean had told her that he’d have loved to pick her up, but he wasn’t going to be getting off duty until about the time Lea landed, and since she was going to need a car the next day anyway to get to the interview, she drove herself north from the airport — around the city and into Cobb County, where Sean and the other firefighter shared a place, where she'd be sleeping on their couch.

Well, she thought let’s not lie: Lea hoped that she wouldn’t be sleeping on their couch. She hoped very much that she would at last be sharing Sean’s bed. She knew that she should have been thinking about the interview, but hey — there are lots of jobs. There was only one Sean, and she’d lusted after him for far too long.

Well. She was thinking about the job interview. It was for the position of assistant business manager of a mid-sized professional theater — her chance finally to work somewhere other than the glorified community theaters she’d been slaving at since graduation. She was excited by the opportunity.

But Sean….

Her thoughts less on the road than they should have been, she followed her phone’s directions around the city, past dozens of malls, hotels, and office buildings mostly bearing the name Peachtree Whatever, and out into the gently rolling hills and lush greenery of the Atlanta suburbs. “Exit the highway,” said her phone, and she exited. “Turn left,” it intoned, and she turned left.

She wondered if she could give her GPS voice a Southern accent. Tuhn leyeft, honey. That thought made Lea smile.

She reached the complex, parked, and followed Sean’s very clear directions to his second-floor apartment.Fighting down the images of Sean’s broad chest — and narrow hips — that had driven her to the airplane lavatory, she knocked on the door.

A muffled voice called out, “C’me in! It’s unlocked.”

She opened the door and was assaulted simultaneously by the delicious smells of something sweet baking and something frying, as well as by the vision of the tall, tapered figure at the stove.

Him. Cooking. Looking like every masturbatory fantasy Lea had ever had about him, only better. Except fully dressed, and food. Shit.

“Sorry I couldn’t come to the door,” he said in that sweet Georgia drawl. He finished flipping something in the pan. “I’m up to my elbows in fried chicken. Hope you like — ”

Lea threw her arms around him from behind and took joy in squeezing his chest hard. “I love it! Thank you so much for having me.”

“Uh. Welcome.” He stiffened before relaxing and turning in her grasp. “Nice to meet you, too, miss.”

Lea looked up at the eyes smiling down at her. Brown. At the dimpled chin. Not Sean. Oh, SHIT. She released the man — he had to be Sean’s roomie — and stammered, “I’m so, so… I, uh…”

“Naw, miss, don’t be sorry, that was a nice hello, no doubt!” The roommate put down his tongs and smiled at her. He held out his enormous hand. “I’m Andrew. You must be Lea.”

She shook his hand and nodded, still speechless.

His grin grew. “Really, don’t feel bad. It happens more often than you’d think — the captain mixes us up so much he’s taken to just calling us the Twins.”

“Huh,” Lea grunted. She was feeling the ghost of that muscled chest on her fingers.

“There you are, Lea!” Another Southern voice called from the other side of the apartment. She turned: it was Sean, no doubt this time. Blue eyes. Square jaw. Nothing on but a towel around his waist. Oh. Shitty shit-shit. He ran his hand through his short, wet hair. “Sorry, I was just taking a shower, I didn’t want you to have to smell me like the hog I am.”

“Huh,” Lea repeated.

Sean smiled warmly. “I see you met Andy. I hope, Andy,” he said, his voice lowering in mock threat, “that you’ve conducted yourself like a gentleman toward this young lady.”

“I wasn’t the one came out half-naked,” joked Andy.

Lea found her voice. “Besides, I was the one molesting him.”

Sean raised his eyebrow, that supremely wicked grin on display.

“Yeah,” laughed Andy, “lucky me! She thought I was you. Couldn’t see your ugly face ‘cause I was dealing with supper.”

“My ugly face!”

“Anyhow,” Andy laughed, “why didn’t you tell me our visitor was such a bombshell? Begging your pardon, Miss Lea.”

Lea felt Sean’s eyes flash to hers, saw the smile turn from wicked to evil. “Didn’t want you getting ideas, Andy.”

Lea couldn’t think of anything to say to that.

“Ideas, huh?” Andy snorted and turned back to the stove. “You go get some pants on, boy, and we’ll have some supper and then we can talk about who’s getting ideas.”

Now Sean’s grin turned sunny again; he waved and turned, and Lea was treated to the sight of his retreating, naked, rippling back and his tight, towel-clad ass as they made their way down the hall.

I’m getting ideas, Lea thought, and then tried very hard not to think any more.

Author Interview:
Can you describe your book in one sentence?
It's the world's oldest story: a girl, her fireman, and her other fireman.

What inspired you to become a writer?
I've been a story addict from a very early age; I've read for as long as I can remember, and written for nearly as long. Writing is the thing I couldn't NOT do — the thing that, no matter what else has been going on in my life, has always given me a creative outlet. And it's fun. Except when it's not.

What made you want to write erotica?
Well, one of the Buddhist scriptures says that there are basically three universal motivations: fear, desire, and duty.

I don't find writing about fear or duty very interesting. And desire — especially between people — touches on so many parts of human behavior. Erotica can be funny or sweet or touching or scary, or all of them at the same time. It's an opportunity to tell just about any kind of story — as long as there's desire (and its fulfillment) involved.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
My favorite chapter to write in this book was the last one, The Visitor Goes to Work. For each of the other chapters, I had a really clear idea of where I wanted to the story to go. Occasionally (see below), I struggled to make the characters and the plot go where I wanted them to.

In The Visitor Goes to Work, there were a couple of points I knew that I wanted to get in, and I knew I had a couple of ideas I wanted to touch on, but I sort of let the story and the characters take me where it wanted to go, and wow! Did they surprise me! Not to give anything away, but, as an example, the main character, Lea, receives a house-warming gift from her best friend that I really had no idea was coming. And it was a fun surprise, too.

What was the hardest chapter (or part) to write and why?
The third chapter, in which Lea is reunited with her gentlemen, The Visitor Comes Again, was a challenge because I had a very specific path I wanted the characters to travel — here's a woman moving in with not one but two men who she barely knows, and I didn't want it to be too easy. On the other hand, Lea kept wanting to want to get all angsty on me, and that wasn't much fun either. I think that between her, her guys (Sean and Andy), and me, we found a nice middle path. ;-)

Tell us about your writing process. 
Although I start from all sorts of impulses — a visual image, a snatch of dialog, an interesting situation, a setting, a mood — the actual writing process is almost always about the characters for me. Trying to find their voices and define their behavior can be a real challenge. But once I do, I find that the stories are a blast to write — they almost write themselves.

How did you bring life to your characters?
I was an actor for years before I turned to teaching — and writing. And so I work really hard to get their motivations, speech, and behavior as specific as I can. When I do, it's a pleasure. They end up doing most of the hard work — I just have to keep up with them.

There's a character in The Visitor Comes Home named Gianna who I knew nothing about as I began writing her first scene except that Lea needed to meet her under very embarrassing circumstances. Once I actually started to write the scene, I found that I had a very clear sense of who she was and how she would react. Very fun.

Similarly, I created the character of Andy, the "other" fireman, knowing only that he had to look, sound, and act enough like Sean, who Lea already knew and liked, that she could mistake one for the other. But as I began to write them, I've found that, while they have a lot in common, Andy is a very different man from Sean, and that makes writing them fun, whether it's together or separately.

How hard was it to come up with characters?
Usually not hard — but occasionally, I think of a character and when I actually get to writing his or her scenes, I discover that what I'd imagined doesn't really work

Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?
I would have said that I'd never write bondage or dominance — you know, the stuff that made Fifty Shades a multi-million seller. It wasn't because I have a problem with it, I'm just not interested in that particular set of interactions. They don't do anything for me.

However, a friend challenged me to see if I could make it work — if I could write a BDSM-ish story that still did all of the things that I like my stories to do. And to my surprise I did. Whether that story ever sees the light of day, or whether I ever write any more — that's a whole other question. ;-)

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published?
I had a reader and her husband contact me recently and say that they both really enjoyed my threesome stories — that they had had fantasies about bringing another man into their relationship, and that I'd inspired them to go for it. Of course, she also asked if I had any advice, and the only wisdom I could think of was to be careful and to be honest — with any potential partner, with each other and with themselves.

Will you have a new book coming out soon? Can you tell us about it?
Oh, I have a bunch on their way. I'm looking to finish up a series of stories that I've been writing about a young woman and her former teacher (Juliet Takes Off/Love Letters). I'm also working on a looong paranormal/fantasy piece about a happily married couple having an old friend all but literally return from the dead — still playing with that one.

And of course I have more stories in The Visitor Saga — Lea, Sean, and Andy still have all sorts of interesting things to explore and deal with.

About the Author:
The author of the up-coming novel A Joy Forever: An Erotic Education, K.D. West is a teacher, writer and performer living in a small suburb of a big city:

"Not a huge amount to say -- I'm an author of steamy stories who happens to be a teacher; these things don't mix well in public, so I tend to be fairly quiet about real life in my blogging. I am, however, interested in all sorts of things -- books, writing, theater, mythology, and, obviously, erotica! I'm a huge reader of genre fiction -- mostly mysteries and fantasy, but also science fiction and historical romance."

West is working on two intertwined series involving a young woman and her older lover (the Juliet Takes Flight and Erotic Tales: Letters to Allison stories) and a series of stories about friends discovering that they can become much more (Friendly Ménage Tales). Also on the way: an erotic paranormal/urban fantasy novel involving a long lost friend coming all-but-literally back from the dead, and showing a happily married couple just what they'd been missing.

My Review:
I would say The Visitor Arrives would be best for those who are new to the erotic scene or who are just becoming sexually active. West makes a point of explaining the whats and the hows of her erotic scenes, presenting information that those less experienced may find useful. She also throws in the taboo of orgy sex, which spices this up just enough for those who are beginning to explore their sexuality.

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