Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Surrender to Yeti by Caelia Porter

Michael's Synopsis:
Sexy young hominid researchers (there’s a noun clause I never expected to write) Natalia and Oskana are sent to Siberia to search for clues of the existence of the elusive Yeti. Naturally the locals warn them in no uncertain terms about doing so, and naturally they ignore the warnings. On their first day in the bush, they find themselves the recipients of a gift of caribou meat, apparently from the yeti. They accept the gift … and must pay the price.

Michael's Review:
I need to stress here that this short story is my first foray into Bigfoot erotica. I have not read any of the classics of the genre by Virginia Wade et al. So I can’t say how this might compare. But I found it to be well-written and enjoyable, if a bit shorter than I would have liked (the ending sets Natalia and Oskana up for a lot more fun that we get to witness). Monsterotica isn’t for everyone, but this is worth a look if you’re into it.

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