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Spotlight: The Secret Life of Lara Lovett by Roxy Hart

When a twenty-one year old woman holidays with her parents on an exotic island, an inextinguishable desire is awakened within her. Fed up with being treated like a child, and intoxicated by the beauty of the island and its inhabitants, she soon finds herself involved in a number of hot and steamy encounters, but which man will win her heart as well as her body?

Contrary my parents’ idea of me as scatty and unreliable, I liked to be on time for things, and by quarter to six I was knocking on the door of room 604. The dad pulled it open, and stepped aside for me to come in, smiling in welcome as I stepped passed him into a small kind of lobby.

“Thanks so much for agreeing to this. We really appreciate it.”

“Oh no problem Mr…” I paused questioningly.

“Oh goodness, call me Phil.” He extended a hand and I shook it, my small hand feeling lost in his large rough paw like one. I hadn’t realized quite how tall he was when he’d been sitting by the pool. He towered over my five foot four. His short cropped brown hair peppered with grey, he reminded me of my old art teacher. He looked rather dapper actually, in a fresh white shirt and beige chinos. He smelled good too, I noticed.

“Okay. No problem Phil.” I smiled.

“Come through, come through.” He gestured me ahead of him through a doorway and I stepped into a large lounge area that could have fit my single room into it at least three times. In the centre were two fancy couches, one facing the huge sliding balcony doors and one at right angles to it, facing a large television screen. To the left was a dining table with four chairs and to the right a desk, which sported a massive Macbook and a jumble of papers. The whole room was bright and spacious and completely luxurious, adorned with beautiful bright rugs and vases of fresh flowers.

“Wow,” was all I could think to say.

The guy, Phil, laughed, “let me show you the boys room.”

I followed him to the door past the dining area, which led to a bedroom just as spacious as the lounge, featuring two single beds, a whole wall of inbuilt cupboards, a large dresser, and another huge television, to which the two little boys were currently glued.

“Hi boys,” I called cheerily, “now don’t tell me, let me guess your names. Hmmm. You must be… Tom and Jerry?” They looked at each other and giggled, theirs eyes lighting up in delight in that way kid’s did when a grown up took the time to play with them. “No? Okay. Let me try again. It must be… Phineua and Ferb?”

“You’re funny!” The little one exclaimed.

“Is that your polite way of telling me I’m still wrong?” I asked with a mock frown and he nodded his head, a huge grin spread across his face. “Okay, okay, I give up. You must be secret agents with no names?”

The little one found that hilarious.

“He’s Thomas and I’m Aaron,” the older boy informed me seriously, taking on the role of spokesperson.

“They are definitely secret service names. You just wait. The queen will be signing you up any day now! You must be nearly eighteen right? Am I allowed to know your ages too or is that top secret too?”

“I guess it’s okay. I’m seven and Aaron is five so we won’t be eighteen for about a hundred billion years.”

“Well they are totally awesome ages to be! I’m eighteen and I wish I was seven or five again!” I winked. “Well okay you guys finish watching your show while I just talk to your dad, and then maybe you can beat me at some games?”

“Yeah, cool,” they chorused, bouncing up and down, and I turned with a laugh to find Phil watching us, a smile on his face. He closed the boys’ door as we walked back into the main area of the suite.

“Well I can see you’re a natural with kids, we definitely picked the right girl for the job. So there’s not really much I need to say. The boys have eaten dinner already. They can get into bed at seven and watch telly for half an hour, but I pretty much guarantee they’ll be asleep before the half hour’s up.” He walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a glass decanter full of some kind of spirit. “Whisky?” he offered and I shook my head.

“No thanks.” In truth I’d have loved some. My parents still frowned upon me drinking alcohol at all and would never have offered me hard liquor, but I didn’t want to seem irresponsible when I was looking after the guy’s kids. Maybe it was some kind of test?

“You’re sure I can’t tempt you?” He asked again, and I noticed how nice his smile was. Geez, what was wrong with me? It must have been all that talk of older men earlier.

“Um, no thanks Mr, um, Phil. I’m fine.”

“Not a spirit drinker huh? Bet you’re more of a wine fan. Well here, have this with your dinner.” He handed me a bottle of red wine that looked far pricier than any I’d ever laid my hands on before.

“Oh, thanks Phil.” I accepted the bottle and smiled up at him. It made such a nice change to be treated like a grown up.

“You’re very welcome. You are on holiday too, You should be having a good time. Don’t think of this as a job, relax and enjoy yourself. Order anything you like for dinner. I mean anything. Just tell them to put it on the room tab. And feel free to use the bathroom in our room,” he gestured towards a door at the opposite end of the lounge, “to get ready. I know you’re going out tonight, and I know how you young girls like to pamper yourselves. There’s a nice big tub in there and good lighting for doing makeup, according to Jenny.” He glanced at his watch. “My wife takes longer and longer to get ready with every year that passes,” he laughed.

As if summoned by his words, the door opened and the lady from the sunbed emerged. She wore a simple long red dress, which matched her lipstick exactly, and was stunning against her pale skin. Her hair was twisted on top of her head, and for the first time I could see that her eyes were an icy blue. She was no less intimidating now than she had been earlier. She nodded in my direction, her plump scarlet lips turned up ever so slightly at the corners, by way of a greeting.

“Right Phil, we’d better be on our way. I trust you’ve briefed our young lady?” She fastened elegant gold earrings to her lobes as she spoke, click-clacking across the room in her high black heels.

“Yes dear, all is well.” He assured his wife and turned back to face me. “Right, I’ve left our mobile numbers on the table in case you need anything, and I’ll make sure we’re back by half nine so you’re not late to meet your friends. Have fun!”

“Thanks. You too.” I smiled, and breathed a sigh of relief when the door closed behind them. What was it about that woman that made me feel about two foot tall? I scanned the room again, unable to take in the luxury of it. I’d never seen anything like it in my life. I never even knew hotel rooms like this existed!

“Okay boys,” I called, “who’s ready to play hide and seek?” A patter of footsteps preceded the bedroom door being thrown open to cries of “me, me!”

The next hour flew by in a blur of games and laughter. We played all the old classics; Simon Says, Hide and Seek, even Hangman, to ensure that the little ones were well and truly tired out mentally and physically, by bedtime. They were the easiest babysitting charges I’d ever known, and didn’t even kick up a fuss when I told them it was time to brush their teeth and get into their pyjamas. I indulged them with three bedtime stories and I was delighted to realise they were both completely sound asleep by the time I’d finished reading the third. Wow, that was easy! No need for the telly at all. Checking my watch I realized it was only quarter past seven. I had a couple of hours to get ready, eat some dinner, and relax before a night out on the town. I sighed with contentment. This was more like it.

I chose a posh sounding pasta and vegetable dish from the room service menu, feeling decidedly grown up as I ordered it. On a whim I added chocolate gateaux for dessert. Well, he had said order anything. Pouring myself a glass of wine, I stepped onto the balcony, and whistled with amazement. It was about ten times larger than my one three floors below and on the opposite side of the hotel, and furnished with a glass patio table, a wicker sofa, and lush pot plants. I sat down at the small glass patio table and took in the view. The ocean, visible across the road, was a swipe of aquamarine glittering like a million jewels in the evening sun, the white beach practically deserted at this late hour. Above the ocean, the sky grew a deeper blue as the sun moved to the West. The view was exquisite. I could get used to this life. Maybe that should be my plan of action – marry a rich older man with money and live a life of luxury.

The wine was smoother than any I’d ever tasted and slipped down very nicely indeed. By the time my dinner arrived I was on my second glass and feeling more than a little mellow. The meal was delicious. I savoured every last bite. This was a million times nicer than the free-for-all self-service restaurant we’d eaten in the night before. After licking every trace of chocolate from my spoon and desert bowl, I pushed the tray away from me and leaned back happily. Wiping a hand across my forehead, I realised how hot and sweaty I was again. The heat in this place was relentless. I’d definitely need another shower before going out.

It felt weird opening the door to Jenny and Phil’s bedroom, like encroaching on their private territory. Part of me wanted to use the boys’ bathroom instead, but Phil had insisted, and I didn’t want to be rude. Their mammoth bedroom looked like something out of a magazine spread and boasted the same level of glamour as the rest of the suite. The centerpiece was a huge four-poster bed. I walked through to the adjoining bathroom and gasped with amazement. It had not only a walk in shower that looked like it could fit ten people and had gadgetry all over the wall, but a massive tub sunken into the floor, with water jets. There was absolutely no way I could resist. I ran myself a bath, pouring in generous amount of the fancy apple bath soak from the shelf, and added to the indulgence by lighting the scented candles that lined the edge of the tub, turning out the main light. After checking on the boys, who were still sleeping soundly, I locked the bathroom door, slipped out of my clothes, and into the tub. It took me a few minutes to figure the jets out, but once I did, I was in paradise. They fired against my body, tickling and massaging my skin at the same time. I leaned my head back against the headrest and closed my eyes, slipping once again into my rich older man fantasy. It was becoming more and more appealing all the time.

I washed my hair and then dragged myself out of the tub after ten minutes, realizing it was after eight and I needed to get ready. Wrapping my body in one of the soft white hotel towels and my hair in another, I applied my makeup in the bathroom mirror. Jenny was right – it was perfect lighting. My going-out makeup routine was a cinch these days, I practiced it so much. My large blue eyes were framed by dark lashes and really didn’t need much enhancement, but I knew they really popped when I outlined them with smoky shadow and black eyeliner. I didn’t bother with foundation in this heat, blessed with clear dark skin anyway, and instead of lipstick I smeared my full lips in my favourite colourless cherry lip gloss. Done. I moved through to the bedroom, seeking a hairdryer, and found one on the dressing table. Seating myself on the padded stool, I let my shoulder length curls loose from their towel and brushed them out carefully before blasting them with the hairdryer. I only half-dried them, and then applied serum through the lengths, ensuring they would dry wild and silky, just how I liked them. I assessed myself in the mirror and smiled, happy with the results.

Then my gaze took in the reflection of the room behind me, and I liked the picture. Me, in this setting, lady of the manor. What was it like to live like this? I wondered. What was it like to be Jenny? The woman was a mystery. So aloof. I opened the lid of the large makeup box on the dressing table. It was bursting full of expensive brands. My eyes surveyed the top of the dresser – perfumes, lotions and potions. I sprayed one of the perfumes on my neck. It smelled musky and dark. I liked it. My eyes were drawn down towards the dresser drawers. Before I knew what I was doing I found myself pulling open the top drawer. It was stuffed full of the most amazing materials, all thrown in together – nothing neatly folded like I’d have expected from such a lady. Lace and satin, leather and silk, all jumbled together in a rainbow of delight.

I pulled out the first garment my hand touched and gasped. It was a black leather bra. Nipple-less. Oh my God. I tried to imagine Jenny wearing this, and somehow I actually could. I could see her wearing this, with matching knickers, and thigh high boots. Bright red lipstick on her half smiling lips. An image of Phil entered my mind then. I felt myself dampen between the legs. I was seeing him in a totally new light.

I pulled out another garment – a red lacy bodice. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I wondered how it would feel to wear it, how the lace would feel against my skin. I glanced at my phone. Not even eight thirty. I had plenty of time. Letting the towel fall to the floor, I stood naked in front of the dresser and then pulled the bodice over my head and laced the red ribbons that latticed across the front, tying them together in a bow at the top. I pulled out a matching red thong and slipped it on, shocked to discover a hole I the crotch. Crotchless panties. I’d heard of them but I’d never seen a pair. I ran my finger down them, across the lace, and suddenly I was touching my own moist lips. I gasped.

Did Phil like this kinky stuff? Did it make him hard? Had he screwed him wife while she was wearing these? I studied myself in the mirror. My young body was small and tight, toned and lithe, my tanned skin complimented by the deep red of the lace. The corset top made my firm breasts spill out the top like a hooker in a cowboy and western film. The thong looked good on my slender hips. I’d never felt so feminine, or so sexy. Putting one hand on my hip, I posed, feeling like an underwear model. I spread my legs and pouted at myself. Playboy model. I smiled. Stockings and heels. That’s what I needed to finish the look. I was getting carried away by this fantasy now but I didn’t care, my heart was racing my body was buzzing.

I sat back on the velvet stool and searched through the drawer for stockings, my hand bumping against something hard. I pulled it out. A large black vibrator. Hard and long, and very tempting. I pressed the on button and it started humming, vibrating in my hand. I wrapped my palm around it. Lowered it towards my sweet spot, imagining how good it would feel. I touched it against myself and sighed with pleasure, but then suddenly, switched it off and placed it on the dresser. I couldn’t. That was just too weird.

A pang of guilt struck me suddenly, pulling me back to the senses from the fog of lusty fantasy I’d been lost in. What the hell was I doing? I was supposed to be looking after those kids. What if they woke up? I quickly wrapped the towel around myself and tiptoed to the boys’ bedroom, reassuring myself that they were still, in fact, fast asleep. Okay, enough messing around, it was time for me to get dressed.

It was as I was walking back across the lounge that I heard the key in the door. My heart jumped in panic. Time slowed down. I clutched the towel around me and looked toward the bedroom door. There was no way I’d make it in time. I just stood frozen as the door swung open and Phil walked in.

“Oh, gosh, sorry.” He said, when he noticed my state of undress, though he didn’t look away. In fact his eyes flitted down to my bare legs. I shifted the towel higher under my arms and prayed none of the red lace was visible beneath.

“That’s okay, I was just. I, uh, I was… I just got out the bath and checked on the boys.” My face was burning.

“Of course. I am sorry, I came back early. Thought you might like to get away sooner to see your friends. But I can see you’re not ready yet.” He had trouble keeping his eyes on my face as he spoke, his eyes roaming down to my legs and back up again, his voice sounding a little flustered. Despite my embarrassment I realised I quite liked the effect my near nudity was obviously having on him. I was suddenly seeing him in a completely different light. His deep voice, his broad shoulders. His long legs in those chinos, his… oh my God… was that… did he? Yes! That was a definite bulge in his trousers.

“Oh, I, uh… okay. I was just getting dressed.” I mumbled.

“Of course, go ahead. Pretend I’m not here. I’ll go sit on the balcony with a drink. You carry on as you were.” I nearly laughed at that. Carry on as I was? If only he knew what I’d nearly been doing before he came in. Had down, I turned and scuttled to the bedroom, closing the door behind me. Leaning against the door I took several deep breaths to get my heart back to its normal rate, still clutching the towel around me. Then, with my free hand, I grabbed my bag, put it on the bed, and began digging through for the underwear and dress I’d packed for going out.

A soft knock at the door. “Are you decent? Can I come in?” He asked. I looked down. Decent? Well, the towel still hid his wife’s lacy undergarments; I guessed that was good enough.

“Okay sure.” I answered and he opened the door and entered, carrying a glass of red wine.

“I thought you might appreciate this while getting ready?”

“Oh, yes please. That’s lovely, thanks.” Why couldn’t I stop thinking of him naked? Why couldn’t I stop thinking of him kissing me? Why was my body growing softer and wetter as he walked towards me? I took the offered glass with a shaking hand and he just stood in front of me.

“Thank you,” I said again.

“You’re very welcome,” he said, and as if remembering himself he turned to leave. He paused then, looking to the dresser on his left as if something there had caught his eye. I knew what it was immediately. Oh shit. Oh shit, shit, shit.

“Oh my,” he said, walking to the dresser in two strides and picking up the vibrator. He turned to me with it in his hand and a half smile on his face, “been doing some snooping I see?”

“I was just… I was looking for something and. I… I’m sorry.” I thought I was going to cry then. I was mortified.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Really it’s okay.” He walked over to me and put an arm around my back, rubbing my shoulder. “I was only teasing. We all like a little snoop. We all get a little intrigued from time to time. Were you intrigued sweetheart?” I found myself nodding then, a strange sensation of falling coming over me. Something to do with his closeness, his scent, his voice. “Did you use it?” He asked, his voice husky.

“No.” I replied, in a small voice, unable to make eye contact with him.

“But you wanted to right?”


“You wanted to know how it would feel inside you yes?”

“Yes,” I nodded, my voice, smaller still.

The room, rushing away from me. All I could see was him and my pulsing desire.

“Do you want me to show you how?”

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t answer. Was this real? Was this okay? I realised I was nodding and spreading my legs, as if my body had a mind of it’s own. He reached towards me and released my hand from the towel, causing it to fall to the floor at my feet.

“Oh,” he gasped. “Oh wow.” He stepped back and looked me up and down as I stood before him in his wife’s red lacey underwear, legs spread. “Turn around for me,” he said in a husky voice, more of a command than a request. I did as he asked. “Wait, there’s one thing missing.”

He turned and opened one of the inbuilt cupboards, scrabbling inside for a moment before returning with a pair of red stilettos in one hand, the black vibrator still in the other. “Here, put these on.”

The shoes were a size too big, but I slipped my feet into them anyway, and turned around again without waiting to be asked. I’d never felt more womanly, or more beautiful. I watched him as he watched me. A glazed look overcame him as he took in my breasts, my tiny waist, my round bottom, naked but for the tiny thong, and my slender legs, made long by the heels. Without another word he swept me up in his arms and carried me to the bed, laying me down on top of the covers.

My body shook with anticipation, my breath coming faster, deeper. I was practically melting with need.

“Open your legs,” he whispered and I did so, closing my eyes. I heard the buzz of the vibrator as he switched it on.

“Hold on, wait… what about. Your…your wife?”

“Shhh, she won’t be home for ages. And anyway she wouldn’t mind. I promise you. We have an agreement. Relax.” I closed my eyes again, too far gone to entertain reason. I was shocked when the vibrator touched my belly, just below the trim of the lace bodice.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned, aching for it to go lower.

Then it did. He trailed it down my tummy, sending tingling sensations out across my skin. Over the panties, and down further still, pausing at that sweet spot just below my triangle of hair. “Ohhhhhh, oh yeah,” I couldn’t help myself, the sensation was intense, overwhelming, as the rapid vibrations pushed the lace against my clit. I found myself thriving against it, bucking my hips up in the air. I opened my eyes, watching him as he watched me squirm.

“You like that?” he moved it in slow circles.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah.” I could see his breath coming harder and faster now too, his chest rising and falling with his sharp intakes and hot exhalations. “You are a hot little thing, aren’t you?”

He was enjoying this almost as much as I was. Reaching out a hand I rubbed his crotch. The size and hardness of his dick shocked me. He was solid, straining against the material of his trousers. I fumbled with his zip, getting nowhere until he nudged my hand aside and unzipped himself with his free hand, setting his erection free. Wrapping my hand around it I started rubbing slowly up and down. He gasped and moved the toy lower, pushing it through the split in the panties, nuzzling the tight opening of my wet pussy, teasing me.

“Oh please,” I begged, pushing my hips up hard, desperate to be filled.

“Please what?”

“Please, put it in me.” I gripped him harder, stroked him faster, out of my mind with need. A deep rumbling moan escaped him.

“Like this?” he asked, and pushed the head in, forcing my lips open.

“Oh yes, harder. Harder please.” All my inhibitions were gone, I just wanted it inside me. He pushed it in hard then and I thrust up at the same time, crying out in pleasure and pain. Sliding it in and out, in and out. The feeling of it completely filling me mixed with the vibrations humming through me felt too good, way too good. It was going to push me over the edge, I was going to… “Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck.” I called out over and over again as he brought me to climax. When I’d finally quieted, he pulled the toy out and tossed it aside.

“Turn over for me,” he whispered, his eyes burning with need. I realised that at some point I’d released my grip on his cock. He must be fit for bursting after that display, aching to cum. I did as he asked and turned groggily onto my hands and knees, my head still floating around the room. Standing up, he took me by the hips and turned me, pulling me to the edge of the bed. “Stand,” he ordered, and I stood on shaky legs, my back to him. He lifted my hair from my neck, sending shivers down my spine. Leaning down, he peppered my neck with kisses, his hot breath tickling. I closed my eyes and gasped. “Now bend over,” he instructed, and I did, placing my hands on the bed in front of me and arching my back. He ran his hands over my butt cheeks.

“Did you want me when you saw me in my bikini?” I asked, brazenly.

“It was all I could think about all afternoon,” he answered, and it pleased me no end. “Your juicy bottom in those sexy little shorts. Mmm. You’re a beautiful woman.”

He leaned over to the bedside table then, and I heard him fumbling for a minute before ripping open a packet. A condom. Good, I was glad one of us was still thinking straight. A minute later he rubbed the head of his erection against my slippery lips, pushing it just inside. Then, taking my hips in his hands he plunged it in hard, and this time we both cried out. He pulled me against him as he pounded into me over and over, his length filling me just as well as the toy had, the warmth of him an even more pleasant sensation. Then wrapping his arms around my stomach, he lifted me up, his dick never leaving me as he turned around and sat on the bed, forcing me to sit on top of him. Spreading my legs wider, I put my stilettoed feet on the floor and began gyrating in tight circles on him. His moan was pure animal. Putting my hands on his knees I leaned forward slightly and began sliding myself up and down on his throbbing dick, giving him a good view of it going in and out. Looking up, I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror of the dresser, me in the red lacy lingerie, riding him hard. He was watching us too. I smiled as I lifted myself up until he was almost all the way out, and then sat down hard on him. Then again, and again, until he pulled me down, his hands on my hips, and forced himself in deeper still as he exploded inside me.

It took a few seconds for either of us to move. Then I stood and turned to him, a movement catching my eye to the left. Jenny stood in the doorway watching us. Oh shit. Oh shit what had I done? How could I be so fucking stupid?

“Oh God, I’m sorry, I’m so, so, sorry.” I scrabbled for my clothes, and looked wildly at Phil, hoping he would do something to fix the situation.

“Calm down girl,” she said, and I looked up in surprise. She had that little half smile on her face again as she reached behind her back with both arms, and undid the zipper on her red dress. Red to match the underwear I was wearing. He underwear. Her dress fell to the floor, revealing her stark naked body, wearing nothing but the black high heeled shoes she’d gone out in.

“Aren’t you quite the little foxy lady? I do hope I’m not too late to join in?” She asked as she stepped towards me.

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